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  • VC++.NET D.R.E.A logoVC++.Net Data Retrieval and Export to XML Application - CPlusOraSQLDemoSetup.msi  (complete - 3.14 MB)This is a VC++.NET data retrieval and export to XML v1 demo, that supports Oracle ( on windows OS),SQL Server,Sybase ASE (on windows OS), MS Access, and ODBC data sources. Requires v1.1 .NET framework and the Oracle Data Provider for .NET (available from Oracle) installed beforehand.

  • AppsInfoDB logoAppsInfoDB - AppsInfoDB.msi  (complete - 4.60 MB).

  • Re-UseIT logoRe-UseIT - Re-UseIT.msi  (complete - 3.24 MB)

  • Code Comments logoCode Comments for VB/VB.NET - CommentsforVBorVBdotnet.msi  (complete - 2.49 MB).

  • Specneeds logoSpecneeds - Specneeds.msi  (complete - 8.87 MB).

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